Issue 18: Lent 2013

Issue 18 Cover


Message from the President

Martha Henriques

Message from the CEO

Mridula Nadamuni


Editorial: The Year in Science and Society

Jonathan Very & Rok Nezic

Comment: Sci-lebs

Oliver Marsh

Comment: The science of animal welfare

Emilija Emma

A medical student’s experience with the Talibé in Senegal

Sofia Eriksson

Cambridge Features

The Power of Facebook

Ainslie Johnstone

The Use of Evolution in a Modern Laboratory

Thomas Fryer

The Key to Longevity

Grace Gottlieb

The Square Kilometre Array: A Gift for both Astronomy and African Development?

Alfie Ireland

International Features

To Publish the Virus: A Scientific Breakthrough or the Next Pandemic?

Ethan Katznelson

Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth!?

Michelle G. Tran

ICT4D Shares Development’s Flaws: Time to Develop an Exit Strategy

Eric Anderson

UK Showcase

Prevention or cure? Future directions for diabetes treatments

Sofia Eriksson

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