Graduate Research and Development in Society (GRaDS)

Some of you might remember that in 2012/2013 we introduced a Graduate Research and Development in Society supplement to our journal. It was an excellent initiative of our former president, Adam Esmail, and was meant to allow graduate students to write for our journal alongside undergraduates, extending the reach of our society. The initiative was highly successful, and now graduate authors regularly contribute to our journal as both authors and editors.

The enthusiasm with which the GRaDS was met has since led to an executive decision to demolish the separation and resorb the supplement into the main body of the journal rather than publish it separately. Now the graduate articles are distinguished by having a ‘GRaDS’ banner at the top of the page.

We are sincerely grateful to sponsors that by their generous support allowed the launch of the GRaDS supplement: Societies Syndicate and Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Societies Syndicate

 If you are a graduate student and want to write for us, drop en email to